For Patients


Patients are seen by appointment only, however, urgent care may be requested. The nurse will be able to ascertain your need to be seen earlier.


Your prescriptions are usually written at the time of your appointment. Should you need a prescription refill before your next appointment, we encourage you to call the office to have your prescription called to the pharmacy. You may use any pharmacy of your choice. Refills can only be filled at the pharmacy where you filled the original prescription.


Dr. Eneas and the nurse will review all your laboratory results. You are encouraged to make an appointment to review your results as we are not able to call your results to you because of time constraints. If your results are abnormal and require immediate attention you will be notified otherwise you will receive them at your next appointment time.


If you are a dialysis patient visiting The Bahamas, our travel administrators can arrange your dialysis on a date and time that is convenient to you. Contact us to let us know of your visit dates so we can work with your travel schedule.

Scheduling is available 6 days a week, 3 times per day.
We offer:

  • One on one care Hemodialysis 3 times weekly; each patient is attended throughout their dialysis by a single nurse.
  • Soundproof treatment rooms; these allow for private conversations with the doctor, caregiver, family members or friends.
  • Free, secure Wi-Fi access; allowing you to continue working and be productive even during treatment.
  • HD Televisions; catch up on your favorite shows.
  • Comfort: plush, luxurious, reclining, convertible dialysis chairs; sleep if you must in comfort.